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One of my main inspirations is New York City. I love walking in different neighborhoods, roaming around the city. It kind of has a therapeutical effect on me where I can relax and meditate amongst the city sounds and loud urban interactions. While I do that, it’s pretty often that a melody gets stuck in my head.  And I start humming, having fun with it using dummy words and spontaneous hooks. I don’t necessarily record those sounds at first sight. It’s like a lover's sacrifice: “Set them free!  If they come back, it was destined to be yours..” In the same manner, if I see myself humming the same stubborn melody line on different locations at different times, I start taking this seriously and invest my time and resources into it.



A2B-Ayhan Sahin & Bernadette O’Reily

10 singles have been released from the production album “Pop,” the first full-length namesake collection from Young Pals Music founder Ayhan Sahin and Bernadette O’Reilly. Critically acclaimed album offers 12+ diverse vocalists & musicians across a myriad of styles, including R&B & soul, dance, jazz, country and of course… pop.

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