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Iconic Platinum-Selling Vocalist Anita Ward Returns To Celebrate
Pride 2016 With Empowering Dance Anthem “Another Bad Mistake”

Alongside the global celebration of June as Gay Pride Month, the LGBT community’s momentous strides have a potent new party anthem from a voice that has been there since the beginning. As equality continues to become the undeniable law of the land, beloved platinum-selling dance artist Anita Ward is back with the single release of “Another Bad Mistake.”

Her maddeningly catchy uptempo confection—which playfully acknowledges a relationship that might have betanter been left unrequited—is the latest release from New York City-based independent label Young Pals Music. The song was co-written and co-produced by Sahin with hit songwriter Bernadette O’Reilly, who has also worked for three decades in artist relations, management and song placement. Canadian singer/songwriter Karine Hannah is also a co-writer.

Opening with a force field of percolating, nervous and cleverly dissonant rhythms, “Another Bad Mistake” roars into a raucous frenzy of mad beats in the chorus, as Ward exclaims, “She turned my star-filled sky into rain, as the blood froze up in my veins, Cause she’s aimless and brainless… It’s dangerous how shameless you are/She was a bad, bad, bad mistake.”


(Ayhan Sahin, Karine Hannah, B. O’Reilly)
Young Pals Music, Pizza Man Music, Bernadette O’Reilly Music

She took one look
She took my space
Would she have jumped that fast in my grave
Watch me not even blink as she takes my place

She rang your bell, and so it goes
And you just sank down to her low
Now she’s in my robe
Cookin on my stove

Cause we watched the sunrise
And though I’m not surprised
I’m so filled with regret
How’d I let myself get in this mess

She…. Turned my star-filled sky into rain
She… As the a blood froze up in my veins
She… Made my love turn right into hate
She… Was just another bad mistake

It’s been two days
Feels like two years
Since she whispered in your ear
You didn’t even blink as she took my place

Cause we watched the sunrise
And though I’m not surprised
I’m so filled with regrets
How did I let myself get  in this mess

She…turned my star filled sky into rain
She…As the blood froze up in my veins
She ….made my love turn right into hate
She..was a bad, bad bad mistake


Cause she’s aimless and brainless,
It’s dangerous how shameless you are