Ayhan Sahin’s viral pop drop is chipper, whimsical and complicated in conception but beautifully implemented by this undeniably gifted pop music practitioner.”

The Akademia Awards

The joyous chug-along song (with lyrics by Frank Carrado) hints at the best of 70’s acoustic rock, with the insistent snap of percussion, a cascading fan of acoustic guitars, and a surprising injection of horns that help propel the infectious beat to toe-tapping bliss. Hearing “Where Do You Want To Be Tomorrow,” ELO’s Jeff Lynne would most certainly offer an affirming thumbs up.

Issued by indie label Young Pals Music, the joyous pop song promises a better tomorrow

To acknowledge the summer of 2018 , Young Pals Music has released the new single “Where Do You Want To Be Tomorrow.” This marks the ninth release accompanied by the music video from the upcoming album “Pop,” the first full-length namesake collection from New York City-based songwriter &producer Ayhan Sahin.

The album “Pop” is the first namesake project for award-winning Turkish-born songwriter & producer Sahin. In April, he was awarded The Akademia Music Award for Best Rock Song for “Pop” single “Drink” as well as the best music video for “L.A. Nights.”
Moody anthem helmed by Producer & Songwriter Ayhan Sahin 
explores those moments when inner darkness find a pathway to light. 

There are times when life events prompt us to hide behind inner walls, and then, methodically, to break out of loneliness, darkness and anxiety. That journey—and its ultimate redemption—personify the sonic triptych of “Where Is Your Heart?

Recording of "Where Is Your Heart?"
at Shelter Island Studios in Manhattan
Co-written and co-produced by award-winning Ayhan Sahin with hit songwriter Bernadette O’Reilly and released by New York City-based Young Pals Music, “Where Is Your Heart?” is the unprecedented eighth single from the album “Pop.”

As the song explores that internal pilgrimage to find strength on the other side, its gently cascading melody, acoustic guitars, plucky piano and rat-a-tat percussion boost the track with an inherent spirit of optimism that helps propel its missive of recovery.

In the lead vocal from Sahin, he sings, “When night goes never-ending, when winter is your heaven, why is this the story of my life?/Where is your heart, Where is your soul, Who reaches out there when you fall?/Never say never when you’re down.

“Where Is Your Heart” was recorded live with renowned New York musicians Tom Gallaher on piano, Rob Preuss on keyboards, drummer Mike Sorrentino, and bassist Carras Paton, with background vocals from Jerri Bocchino & Keith Fluitt. It was mixed by Sahin and mastered by Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound.

“This single is particularly close to my heart and to Bernadette’s, reflecting on a very real struggle that a dear friend endured,” Sahin says. “The happy ending is that through such sadness she found strength she never knew she had.”

The album project, meanwhile, “took three years of planning to find the right vocalists to go with the songs. We’ve been really fortunate to gather so much talent,” he adds. “It’s been so gratifying—and a lot of fun—to release each single and watch them find their audience in diverse and often unexpected ways.” 

Indeed, “Pop” is the album that keeps on giving. “Where Is Your Heart?” follows last winter’s single “Hard Times,” sung by multi-platinum recording artist and American Music Award Winner Randy Jones, who is beloved as The Village People’s iconic cowboy. 

Other Singles Released From The Album "Pop"

The single before that, “Another Bad Mistake,” features lead vocals from beloved disco act Anita Ward, renowned for her seminal No. 1 “Ring My Bell,” which hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100, Disco, and Soul Singles charts in 1979. 

In all, the 12-track “Pop” showcases more than a dozen diverse vocalists & musicians across a myriad of styles, including R&B & soul, dance, jazz, country and of course… pop. All songs are co-written and co-produced by Sahin. In April, “Pop” was awarded The Akademia Music Award for Best Rock Song for single “Drink.” 

The album is the first namesake project for award-winning Turkish-born Sahin. He founded independent label Young Pals Music in 2007, through which he has released a dozen albums over the past decade. He has worked with Olivia Newton-John, Mexican superstar & Broadway star Bianca Marroquín, Melba Moore, Phoebe Snow, Turkish superstars Sezen Aksu and Sertab Erener, Sandra Bernhard and five “American Idol” finalists. 

Sahin has appeared on Univision, while his music has been featured in Billboard, The Los Angeles Times, Playbill, MTV, Yahoo! Music and on CNN and “The Wendy Williams Show.”

href="http://youngpalsmusic.com/" target="_blank">Young Pals Music’s founder & executive producer Ayhan Sahin.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating with a glass raised to the joys of life, love, family and all good things. Who needs a parade to step in line for the best of times, given the release of joyous new single “Drink,” from the upcoming album “Pop,” the first full-length namesake collection from songwriter & producer Ayhan Sahin, released by his indie label Young Pals Music. Vocals in “Drink” are commandeered by veteran New York City-based singer and musician Denny Blake, whose credits include metal band Helix and the Billy Joel Broadway musical “Movin’ Out.”

“Drink” offers a nod to all things worth celebrating, as Blake sings, “Five o clock, the weekend’s here and I got a little plan, free the next 48 hours… Time to get back what I give/Drink to the ones you love, to your god above, Drink to a better way, to a summer day/Drink to the milkman, to the one-night stand, to the cabbies, your sugar daddy, drink to St. Paddy…”

In addition, the song features a rap shout-out to a roster of beloved New York City haunts worth raising a glass to—including the likes of Jake’s Tavern, Raccoon Lodge, Otto’s Shrunken Head, One Fish Two Fish, Planet Rose, 40/40 Club, Coney Island High, Tally Ho, Jimmy’s Corner and the West Village’s Ty’s. No, it’s not Fetty Wap delivering the flow: It’s none other than co-writer O’Reilly.

Add to the global reach of “Drink” a third songwriting credit—alongside Sahin and O’Reilly—from Turkey’s most-acclaimed female singer/songwriter Sezen Aksu. She descended upon New York City in 2006 to record a dozen songs, while embracing multiple songwriting sessions… including “Drink.” In her native Turkey, Aksu is known as “the mother of all Turkish pop stars.” Yes, she is the Madonna of the nation.

The track is already gaining views on YouTube with a lyric video for “Drink” launched at the beginning of the month. An official video release will be celebrated before St. Patrick’s via an extravagant collective of footage from around the world collected from fans singing along to the song in bars, taverns and all other festive locations. The song is available for purchase on iTunes.

All instrumentation for “Pop” was recorded live with renowned New York musicians, including Dan Delvecchio on guitars, synth & keyboards from Rob Preuss, Mike Sorrentino on drums, and Carras Paton on bass. It was mixed by Sahin and mastered by Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound.