1. If You Ever
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I glance, you turn away
You haven’t been aware
As I stared your way
Hoping that one day our paths would cross again
In another time and place
With no one in our way

Tonight it’s gonna rain
The flight is now delayed
They said we’re leaving late
This may be the way
Time is in our hands
We’ll take our only chance
No need to rush away

If you ever lose your ground
If you ever come undone
When the world is going crazy
Life can pass you in a rush
If I held you in my arms
You would feel the love inside
You don’t have to try
To look beyond your heart
Your heart

Yet, perhaps there’s someone there
On the other end
Standing by the gate
Looking for your face
In a crowded harsh you wait
In another time and place
With no one in your way


Leave the past behind
Turn it around
Follow your heart
I’ll be there by yourside