1. Follow You

From the recording Karine Hannah - "Karine"

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Lost in a world with no destination
Fell into a place with no explanation
Some days I’ve seen my soul
Gone with the winds in a desperation
Till I found you

Far over the rainbow
Past the distant shadow
I’ve been waiting for you
Cause you’re my inspiration
With no expiration
I will see the sunshine through
And follow you

It’s a big dream
To have someone and know he’s there for you
A big dream
To reach out and open my arms to you
I’ve seen my spirit soar
High with the wind my dream come true
Cause now I found you


Your sunshine is my light of day
Your footsteps guide my way
Everything I do I hope you’ll see
Every thought I have is you and me
Every day I’m blessed to hold your hand
As I walk through
I’ve been waiting for you