From the recording Karine Hannah - "Karine"


Remember our story when a flower we did find
A flower we were sure was one of a kind
We lived out a dream with everything in bloom
The prettiest dream painted lilac blue

Yet there is point that we just can not miss
When the flower dies can we seal it with a kiss
Can we begin again and soon be more than friends
For happiness will die if it knows that love will end

But then when you have sun breaking through the brilliant bluest sky
Everything on earth will become both happy and alive
But in the next season what was gold will become grey
And I am still amazed at how fast it can flake away

Sometimes fantasies are hard to understand
One minute a hero the next a lousy man
But when a line is crossed and one only sees today
Everything we trust quickly goes astray

Other I know with stories just like us
They don’t say it’s done cause they know that they have won
The strongest storm the worst that God can make
The kind that makes a man take all that he can take

Repeat Chorus

And still knowing all this I saw a flower bloom today