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3. Chronological Survey (Rita)
In a private moment, group member Rita recalls her love affair with ex-husband Reno and acknowledges that she needs him more than she is willing to publicly admit.


(Kurt and Katherine go into the cabin. Reno picks up his backpack and Rita’s suitcase, then goes to Rita when he sees she makes no move towards the cabin.)

(Tapping Rita’s shoulder)
Aren’t you coming?

In a moment.

(Reno moves into the cabin, stopping only for a last glance at Rita)


A big and impressive surprise
The same old place, poorly disguised
A brief touch rekindles desires
When we should be older, and wise

We started with the touch of spring
We made it past the storm,
The clouds of restless winds were gray,
We gave the sky new form
The world was getting brighter then
The time exactly right
When my song began, you came into my life

We sang, we heard the skylarks sing
We filled it with our sun,
Our love could conquer anything,
We let it be the one
Its wearing off, its getting aged
Then came as a surprise
When the season changed, the first drop left my eyes

All gone wrong
We never had it all controlled
We never had a chance to try
We never had it

All undone
We passed it by and now it’s gone
We should have seen it all before
We couldn’t

We had our sudden ups and downs
We laughed, at times we cried
The truth hit right between our eyes
We tried to disregard
We two were starving for a break
A holiday apart
When it didn’t come, no wonder we retard

We never got the warnings clear
We were too close to judge
The mistakes caused no earnest fear
The mistakes cost so much
We never seem to learn, for love
Never seems to teach
I have never thought you could be out of reach

And so I’m running out of hope
Pain admits no healing
Now that I’m beyond my scope
This freak unsteady feeling...
I’m all alone when times get rough
Yet here again in touch
I have never known I needed you this much

I’m all alone when times get rough
Yet here again in touch
I have never known I needed you this much