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9. Hands Cold To My Touch (Reno)
As the sun rises, the new song is wrapped. Because of its vocal range, Rita is chosen to sing lead—and Karla is not pleased. Out of revenge, she secretly leaks to a publicist that Rita has been drinking to excess following her divorce, which is impacting the recording of the new album. Cruel headlines hit the press, insinuating Rita’s downfall. Label honchos insist that Karla take the lead, given the negative reports… Reno goes to Rita’s home to break the news to her. Standing in her lush, green garden, he reflects, “If she were crying her heart out I’d want to die/Knowing I could not comfort her.”



(Reno has just arrived at Rita’s door. He pauses in the garden, not knowing how to break her the news.)

If she were crying her heart out
(It) would not hurt so much.
No tear will run down marble cheeks,
Hands cold to my touch.

What right does she have to
Be so strong, so gorgeous,
Go her own way, there do
Fundamental wrong?

No man fully sated,
Her head high - she made it
Never deigning to wholly belong.

If she were crying her heart out
I’d want to die. I would die
Knowing I could not comfort her,
Never seen her cry.

She’ll be drawn but brave
I’ll want to kill, yes I could kill
To keep her safe, overrule her will.

(He rings the bell. Rita opens the door, disheveled but very attractive in her pajamas. For a moment they look at each other. Then she sees the newspaper in his hand.)

So you’ve seen it.

I thought maybe you hadn’t.
(Silently she lets him enter the house.)

Anna was furious.

The others?

Surprised, of course.

And ... you?
(Reno does not answer)