1. Immortal Tunes
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Immortal Tunes (Rita)
A wounded Rita decides to leave the group, believing the only way to truly find immortality is to leave Opus 10’s place in the pop pantheon to fate: She reasons, “It is through death a legend is born.”



(Rita has returned to the group’s island to say good-bye to Anna. She walks along the path towards the cabin.)

It was here, time moved but we moved faster,
I’m back, who’s to say I am still the same?
I was young, gladly courting disaster,
Time has clipped my wings, and I am tame.

I grew wise, and so grew independent
I grew calm, the madness passed me by
I was judged, I made a great defendant
Time has clipped my wings, and yet I fly

It was here it started, it’s here that it will end
Everything has changed, and there’s no way I can pretend...

Is freedom’s door
Start doing things you’ve never done before
Oh, death
Muses’ manure
It’s in ending things can retain their lure
And here I rise
On our demise.

It’s a rule of Mother Nature’s making,
Everything will die when it is worn,
The ageless fruit will not come down on shaking
It is through death that the legend’s born

(What) difference does it make, now that it’s over
Just how many painful days ago
I wished for luck, upon a four-leaf clover
It is through death we learn to let go

It was here it all started, I’ve come to say good-bye
One last look, and then I will leave OPUS10 here to die

Who would believe
I’d leave the things I said I would not leave
I’m free
To find my way
And see the sights I’d miss if I would stay.
My voice assumes
Immortal tunes

My voice assumes
Immortal tunes