1. Far Away

From the recording Karine Hannah - "Karine"

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Everything’s different since we parted
Nothing in life’s the same
Our song came on the radio
And sadly now I think I know
How it feels for hearts to ache in pain

Walked in the park where I first met you
Tears pouring down my face
I passed the bench where we first kissed
And thought of everything I’ve missed
It seems like our love has been erased

I want you
I need you
But still I’m left alone
Dreaming soon that you’ll come home
I miss you
I feel you
But still you’re far away
Something inside me tells me that you’ll be home someday
Each night I pray
We’re meant to stay

Last night I made your favorite dinner
Like so many times before
But unlike dinners in the past
So tasty that it wouldn’t last
Without you
There’s too much food to store