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From the musical “Swedish Style” by Sahin and Pamuk Phelps


Bird With A Broken Wing
(Ayhan Sahin, Bernadette O’Reilly, Selcen Pamuk Phelps, Lauren Rathbun) 2022 Young Pals Music
End of summer
The union’s over
Tell me what to do Your lack of affection No direction
What are you trying to prove
That you can make it on your own That you can live alone
Best to do is try to carry on
Enough excuses
For the abuses
Just hear me with your heart
No offenses
Your old pretenses
Must be quantified
If you think that you can’t be whole Don’t accept the call
it’s better than to bury your soul
Forget your worries End old stories Show me what to do It’s not my vocation, Or by obligation
To speak these words to you
By yourself you may hit the wall
And maybe you will fall
Believe it or not its out of your control
It seems I can’t really define it
It’s only myself who’ll refine it
I’m like a bird with a broken wing
But I’ll fly over mountains and sing without you Without you
The early failures
The million sellers
We shared it side by side
Long rehearsals, sold-out concerts What a crazy ride

You think you’ve reached the very top There’s no more room left up
Well then leave it all
Just let it go and stop!
End tag
You’re on your own
Well go ahead but forget all about me